Sunday, December 18, 2011

Why I hate to take pictures

Because it never looks the way it felt. And that's the only reason I'd ever take a picture, really. So that later on I could hold that feeling in my hand and I could show it to you and say, "Do you see what it was like?" And you would see. And I'd say, "Do you feel what it was like?" And you would feel. You would.

If you take good pictures you can give people a feeling. I think, that if you take good pictures, that you can give people the same feeling you had. And that's the most valuable thing of all. There aren't any words for that.

If you don't take very good pictures, though, then people may get a feeling, but it probably isn't the same one you had. Or they may not get any feeling at all. They may just yawn and be like, "Oh, a runway, some swaying palm trees, rows of red lights, a bird in silhouette." They won't understand that it was windy, and terribly cold for the tropics. They won't understand that just out of the frame was someone you loved walking away. They won't know how it felt to be the one leaving, how the lights were like a phalanx of asking eyes.


  1. I think it would be epically awesome if you did vlog entries sometimes :-)